Tourism BC: facebook post

iPhone screen cap of a page I "LIKE" on Facebook


Tourism British Columbia is a travel/leisure page liked by 116,000 other Facebook users! They post pictures, articles and ideas on awesome places, events and experiences here in BC. Obviously, it is also a platform to promote Tourism to BC. Their audience is comprised of local Vancouverites AND people who are wanting to, have already visited, and want to come back to BC.

What is Tourism BC trying to accomplish?

The Tourism BC Facebook page exists to publicize, the official travel planning site of Destination British Columbia. People can find information and tools to plan and book the perfect BC holiday through this page.

The beauty and diversity of BC as a tourist destination is heavily promoted. Different regions of BC, from Northern BC to Vancouver Island, are showcased on this page.

From a marketing perspective, why is this effective?

For people planning a BC vacation, accessing this page and any links to it, provides them with info on day trip itineraries, adventure tours, attractions, driving routes, maps and other useful information. This makes the page very user friendly!

The people in-charge of this page do a really great job of encouraging audience interaction and participation by running contests. For example, this past Winter, they had a SKI BC contest that let users create their own Ski trailer!

The link below provides access to the trailer I made to enter this contest. Amazingly, even if you are a complete beginner to using computers, if you know how to use facebook, they create the trailer for you AND allow you to share this link on Twitter (if you have an account there). This is a beautiful example of integrating 2 different social media platforms and using them simultaneously to provide publicity to the contest.|1262

You can also checkout their website Ski It to Believe It 

Integrated Marketing Communications

Additionally, the Tourism BC fb page, shares photos from local photographers. I think this is a good cross-promotional tool in that fans of said local photographer will visit the Tourism BC page: It’s a win-win situation because Tourism BC gets amazing photos for free (no royalties or licensing to pay because they credit the local photographer).

The page also encourages amateur photographers to share their photos, experiences and posts or comments about where they went to when they were here in BC. It allows Tourism BC to get testimonials with photos to back it up for free!

If you’d like to checkout their page and see for yourself, you can find the Tourism BC Facebook page through the link below. Thanks!


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