Individual PEBS Brief

Week 2 Assignment: PEBS (Product, Experience, Brand, Service) Brief


Title: Lush Cosmetics for Teens

Campaign Name: Teens for Fresh, Organic and Ethical

PEBS Summary: Increase brand awareness and sales of Lush Cosmetics to teens in the 13-19 year old age group.

Overall Objective

Expand the existing Lush customer base to specifically target consumers in the 13-19 age group. Build brand loyalty early and retain these younger customers as they transition into adults.

As these adults eventually have kids, they will also influence their kids and teens to purchase Lush Cosmetics because of the Fresh, Organic and Ethical slogan, creating a new generation of teen-to-adult consumers.

Who am I speaking to?

My audience is the Lush shareholders globally, Lush marketing departments worldwide, product ambassadors everywhere Lush products are sold (store managers, cashier & sales force).

Who is the product targeted at?

Our target market is 13-19 years old teenagers and/or their parents/guardians who influence their buying decisions.

What Am I/What is the product trying to sell?

We are selling the full-range of Lush Cosmetics from bath & body products (moisturizers), skin & hair care products, perfumes, make-up, deodorants, gifts & gifts certificates.

Attributes: vegetarian ingredients, preservative-free, fresh & organic, nude packaging (minimal packaging) that minimizes waste, 100% recycled containers.

Customers appreciate the Fresh, Organic and Ethical way we source, manufacture and sell our products. Lush Cosmetics are hand-made, vegan products made from organic fruits, vegetables and cruelty-free ingredients. We do not test on animals (or humans) and will continue to produce and sell products with no preservatives with full disclosure on when they were made.

What will success look like?

Our evaluation criterion consists of reaching $100,000 in sales profits in our test city of Vancouver, BC for Fall 2014. Store and online sales will be tracked by the number of active members in the teen loyalty card program (name TBA).

This program will be free and massively promoted in store events and online. Each purchase earns loyalty points which can be converted in discounts and/or free products at a later date when members have achieved redemption milestones. By Winter 2014, this campaign will expand to North America and by 2015, go global.

Where Will We Be Speaking to Them? How Will We Tell Them?

Our strategy involves increased awareness and engagement with Lush Cosmetics teen line. Customers will receive information on our social media pages on facebook, pinterest and twitter. We will also be release new ad campaigns on TV and on the internet (viral marketing) through YouTube.

We will advertise to our existing consumer database thru our email and printed brochures and update Lush Cosmetics online pages to bring attention to this teen promotional campaign under the slogan: Teens for Fresh, Organic and Ethical. Chat parties and shopping nights on our online stores will promote this campaign too. Store events and face mask parties will be hosted in Lush locations (initially in Vancouver, our test market) then go global as planned.

Why Are We Saying What We Are Saying?

Our research shows that teens also care about supporting products that are Fresh, Organic and Ethical; they willingly spend their allowance[1] on our products to support their beliefs. Teens care about our ethical buying policy[2] and show their support by posting on social media sites and telling their friends.


  • “Lush” brand name to appear on all packaging: iconic white script on black packaging (paper & recycled containers)

  • Simplified instruction stickers for all products with information on date of manufacture and best before date

  • All products, whether purchased for self or as a gift, each sale (pre-sale or otherwise), customers are given the Teen loyalty program cards for free

  • Remind people of our mission and print it on paper bags for Lush Cosmetics for Teens product line: We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.

  • With all purchases, give-away brochures, bookmarks and goodies that remind people of the mission above

Brand Character

Fresh, Organic, Ethical and Unpackaged (as little packaging as possible)




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