100 Likes on Facebook, Now What?


Recently, my Facebook page Xina Dharma Blessings* reached its 1st milestone of having 100 LIKES! I started this page on April 29, 2013 and invited only my real-life friends and family, as well as online friends and real-life family to join it. I have not participated in any other promotion or advertising that includes paying Facebook to “promote” my page because I wanted to get authentic engagement and organic reach from people I know.

*Feb. 2016 Addendum: XDB has been renamed Styx Communications in 2014.

To checkout my page, please visit Styx Communications on Facebook.  Thanks!

What exactly is engagement?

For me, engagement means being remarkable (as in Seth Godin‘s definition of remarkable i.e. being “talked about”). I wanted to have a page that was “remarkable” to my friends and family. And, on January 14, 2014, I received a notification on Facebook saying my page has now reached 100 “likes.” To me, I have hit a desirable number for engagement. To view the particular post on this milestone, click 100 Likes Milestone reached

What else can engagement mean?

I believe engagement means more than just measuring the number of (fans) people who “like” my page – to me, it means people are interacting with me and that they want to continue to interact with me (it’s fan interaction and retention). I really enjoy talking about food and making food so I am always happy when I am able to share something new. I LOVE interacting with people on my page! For example, when I post a picture with a new food I have tried or a recipe I invented and a friend is interested enough to “like” and/or comment on what I posted, I know I have “engagement” happening.

Sometimes, I find there are friend/s of a friend who are on my page – they are there because my friend recommended my page to them. I usually get a private message (IM/email) saying they liked my page or my food pictures (if they are shy) or I get a publicly posted comment on my page’s wall, or even a comment on a few of my posted pictures saying why they like it and why. The fact that I’ve been recommended by a friend to their friend means that they appreciate and value the posts I make and the information I share. This is true engagement, IMHO.

It is my goal …

… to reach people and share what I know in hopes that they do get inspired to make their own food (or at least to try this once in their lives, if they haven’t). When people on my page tell me that they saw my recently posted image and they cook something like this for themselves, I feel humbled and happy for them. I also am glad I have engaged them enough that they take an action (cooking) or change a behaviour (keep cooking at home instead of just ordering take-out).

I believe obtaining engagement is a good approach

What defines engagement is unique to each individual or organization. As a page owner, I know my users are engaged when they take the time to recommend my page to their friends (friends I haven’t met) on Facebook. I have found people on my page I don’t know yet they are there and have liked my page. There is a handful or random fans there but most of my likes are based on referral from someone I know already (online, offline or both).


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