Virgin Galactic spaceship makes 3rd powered testflight

Branson and Virgin Galactic

Slug: Galactic Testflight

Source: Reuters

Virgin Galactic spaceship makes third powered testflight

Summary: Headquartered in New Mexico, Virgin Galactic, a company within Richard Branson’s Virgin group, completed it’s 3rd test flight on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014. Galactic offers commercial, suborbital spaceflights to tourists in their 6-passenger, 2-pilot SpaceShipTwo spacecrafts for late 2014. Costing $250,000 per ticket, more than 650 people have already paid deposits and/or booked rides on SpaceShipTwo. Customers can expect to be flown 2x higher than what they experience on commercial planes and will be able to see planet earth set against the blackness of space. Additionally, customers can also expect to experience weightlessness upon SpaceShipTwo’s re-entry into the atmosphere.

Element: Consumer/Marketing Public Relations

Good or Bad PR? Good PR

I like that the article mentions Branson and his 2 sons as the 1st people to be taking a suborbital spaceflight tour because this really highlights SpaceShipTwo is so safe that they can’t wait to go on it! It’s a very nice plug!

Harmony or Discord: Harmony

This is a fantastic way to inform potential new clients to Virgin Galactic and existing customers (who pre-purchased tickets or paid deposits) that SpaceShipTwo has safely and successfully completed its most recent testflight. Through this article, Virgin Galactic is able to publicize a more concrete date for the availability of their commercial flights this year; It also informs people of how much a suborbital space tour costs, what they can expect to see/experience/expect during a flight tour and provide  them with detailed information on the passenger-capacity available on SpaceShipTwo (should groups or organizations want to book a corporate excursion for their staff) .


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