Save Lives WHILE Grocery Shopping

Note: I am not being compensated in any way by Price Pro or Welcome Home. I am blogging about them because I believe in their cause.


Recently, I have been shopping at local warehouse supermarket called Price Pro which is similar to Costco. I even had a chance to get lunch on a rainy Saturday afternoon at their snack bar. They make awesome custom paninis! Also, unlike Costco, there is no membership fee to pay! Basically, you get warehouse prices and selections for a better deal for you as a consumer.

By shopping at Price Pro, you help change people’s lives

Price Pro is run by a Canadian charity. This organization supports a program called Welcome Home which is an addiction recovery program with the aim of helping people change their destructive lifestyles by employing these individuals, thereby giving them an opportunity to become productive and successful members of society. 

Where can you find them?

Price Pro is located at 6911 King George Blvd. (between 72nd & 68th Ave.) Surrey, BC, Canada. They are Open Monday to Saturday 8 am-9 pm! You can reach them by phone at 604-594-1700.

I’ve included this handy link for you to contact them directly on their webpage’s fill-out form. You can click on the same link to subscribe to receive info on store promotions. Alternatively, you can checkout Price Pro’s website here and learn about their marketplace offerings . Why not save money and change lives? You can do both by shopping at Price Pro!

For more information about Welcome Home, click on the link


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